Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Greetings to all of our faithful readers,

Today was our second day with classes and we had an opportunity to really take in some German culture - Der Markt or the local farmers market.  We gave our students a scavenger hunt to discover names of new foods, weights and measurements, how to use their German to ask about prices, and how to work in teams.

I've attached some photos of a few groups and then a group picture on the bottom.

What was really the talk of the group today - Das Wetter.  Have you looked at a weather report for our area yet? VERY HOT!  It has been 92 degrees Fahrenheit at the highest today.  This is not what we were expecting! :)

We finished our scavenger hunt, had our classes, took an hour for lunch, and then took the bus a few stops to the city forest (park).  I think the kids really got a great 'sauna' experience when they stepped onto a crowded bus with no AC. :)  As soon as we exited the bus, the fresh air greeted us at the park and we were able to play soccer, go jogging, practice volleyball, etc.  We were drinking lots of water and sunscreen was also available.  We hope to have Sport 2x a week.  

Tomorrow the students will be going along with their host sibling(s) to school.  This is a fabulous opportunity to see German schools, whether they will be attending a Kindergarten or a Gymnasium (High School/College prep).  On Friday, we will be having a special breakfast with the Mayor of the town and the students will have the chance to ask the mayor any questions that they wish.


  1. thank you for showing us their smiling faces!

  2. I really liked the pictures. It sounds like you are having weather like us.

  3. Nice tie, Jens!

  4. Thank you for including a group picture too!!!!